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Our copywriter recently told us to think of ways to make our About Us page more interesting.

“What about getting a client to ask us some questions?” We said.

“No, don’t do that” said our copywriter.

So here goes…


Client: Do you enjoy watching TV?

Umm, this is a bit of a weird question. But yes, we love a good TV binge …

Client: So why did you leave your high-powered jobs in TV to start Picture Book Films?

Oh, ok. We see where you’re going with this.

We wanted new challenges and we could see how fast the business and online video market was growing. Also we thought there was a huge hole in the market- we were sick of seeing businesses like yours getting charged a fortune for mediocre video content.

Working in TV we were pushing the boundaries and making content as great and interesting as possible. We wanted to raise the standard of online video and corporate films up to TV standards.

Client: Cool, makes sense to us. So how did the company start?

We launched the company in early 2013.

It was started by Channel 4 director James Johnson and BBC producer Claire Cadman. Between them they have nearly 30 years experience producing everything from wildlife series to Friday night entertainment shows, as well as full-blown TV Commercials.

Client: So how’s it gone so far?

It’s going great, thanks! We’ve had very positive feedback from our clients and have worked with a mixture of local companies in Brighton and London, as well as bigger international clients such as Simon Cowell’s SYCO, GAP and Universal Music.

Client: What makes you unique?

Working with us, you’re working with a small boutique company. But we pack a punch. We pull on cutting edge resources from our time in TV- the best people in the industry. So when you work with us you know you’re getting real industry pros, not someone who’s just picked up a camera or written a script for the first time.

Our team range from visual effects artists who’ve worked on Hollywood Blockbusters, through to Directors of Photography who’ve shot sexy Lynx Adverts.

Client: Sounds cool! Anything else you want to say?

We’re also a creative agency. This means you get fresh and original ideas, developed from scratch.  

Client: so what now?

Now you should get in touch via e-mail or using our Contact Us panel to see how we can work with you and your brand.

(See Mr Copywriter, that wasn’t so bad!)