Our 9 Golden Rules When Filming Yourself...

Some tips on how to look your best when filming yourself...

What our team have been up to recently

We've had a really busy time working with some great new clients!

Picture Book Films bids farewell to Marco... for now!

Austrian intern Marco sadly concludes his time with Picture Book Films

Austrian 3D artist Marco joins the Picture Book Films team

Austrian 3D artist Marco joins the Picture Book Films team on a short Erasmus internship

Our Ongoing Charity Work

A brief look into the charity and community work Picture Book Films are proudly undertaking

2018: A new chapter for Picture Book Films

New people. New office. New equipment. New business. The new year has brought some great changes to Picture Book Films and we want you to know all about it.

The Secret to Making Effective High Tech Films

What makes an effective film for a high tech company or product? Read on to learn more about our approach.

What our production team have been up to recently!

As we approach the end of our busiest year to date, we take a quick look at what has been keeping us busy...

Film Making in Sussex

Are you looking into making a film in Sussex? You're not the first, nor shall you be the last. Before you dive in, read our quick guide to film making in Sussex.

Ethical Film Making Explained

What do we mean by ethical film production and what makes Picture Book Films an ethical company to work with? Read on to discover the full story..



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