Our 9 Golden Rules When Filming Yourself...

Some tips on how to look your best when filming yourself...

The Secret to Making Effective High Tech Films

What makes an effective film for a high tech company or product? Read on to learn more about our approach.

Film Making in Sussex

Are you looking into making a film in Sussex? You're not the first, nor shall you be the last. Before you dive in, read our quick guide to film making in Sussex.

Ethical Film Making Explained

What do we mean by ethical film production and what makes Picture Book Films an ethical company to work with? Read on to discover the full story..

How to a Plan a Successful Corporate Film

Are you thinking about making a corporate film or video for your company? Here are some essential things to consider before you take the plunge.

What you Need to Know about Animation, CGI and Film Making

Some key reasons to consider using animation and CGI techniques in your next corporate or training film. Here's what the experienced team at Picture Book Films have learnt from many years of making animation films.

How to Make a Successful Charity Film

What are they keys to masterminding a truly effective charity film or video project? The PBF production team share some of their secrets.

What you need to know about film production in Brighton

Why Brighton is the Best Place to Make a Film or Video

The Video Production Process: Pre-Production

In the latest of our ongoing Video Production blog series we look at the Pre-Production stage.

Brighton based films (Part 2)

Part 2 of our blog post looking at films shot in Brighton



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