VidCon 2015 Highlights and Insights to Watch

A roundup of what went on during the 6th annual VidCon this July.

What have our team been up to recently?

A quick summary of what we've been doing at PB HQ

An update on our video production and filming projects

It's two months into 2015 already! So what have we been up to?

What we're up to in 2015!

An update on what the Picture Book team are up to in the next few months.

Our new video production clapper board...

So we've just bought a new clapper board and we love it..! (How exciting).

What are our video production team up to now?

A selection of our latest projects - from Professional Football to Outer Space! Online films, adverts and Christmas. What have we got coming up?

Brand New Video Showreel

The BRAND NEW Picture Book Films Showreel featuring a range of work for clients across Brighton, London and the rest of the UK. Take a look and let us know what you think.

What are we up to over the next couple of weeks?

What are we up to over the next couple of weeks?

What have we been up to recently?

A quick update on what's been keeping us busy recently...



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