DIY Video Production - How to shoot your own basic online video

DIY Video Production - How to shoot your own basic online video

A few months back we published an article in our blog covering DIY video production showing you to shoot a cheap and easy online video yourself.

It was originally compiled after a London based client of ours decided that they wanted to produce a lot of video content for their website. They were keen to record themselves presenting bi-weekly blog-posts against a clean white background - a simple "talking head" style of interview which is used a lot for corporate videos and web films. 

Normally we would get a client into the production studio, professionally light and mic them and then film a whole bunch of these web videos in one go so that they can then drip feed onto their site. However, in this case, they wanted to be able to talk about up-to the minute news stories and newspaper articles. 

It would have been pretty un-economic to get them back in twice a week so we came to the conclusion that the best way forward was to help them buy their own cheap video camera, give them a crash course in filming and let them get on with it. We've now converted that crash course into a fantastic Slideshare presentation... enjoy!

And don't forget to check out our Video Production Page on Slideshare for more useful articles.

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Paul Walker
Added 06th April 2015

Good start to the year for you. Just found your blog , while searching for photography blogs! I look forward to following


Claire Cadman
Responded on 19th November 2015

Hi Paul, nice to hear from you and hope you enjoy the blogs coming up!

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