Ethical Film Making Explained

Ethical Film Making Explained

Ethical Film Making

Here at Picture Book Films one of the many things we pride ourselves on is our ethical approach. So you may be wondering, what do we mean exactly when we describe ourselves as an ethical video production company? Well that's precisely what we'll be covering in this post.

We're Careful About Who we Work with

We've built up a fairly impressive client roster over the years, so it means we're now in the fortunate position of being able to be slightly discerning about who we work with.

That doesn't mean we're snobbish or turn our noses up at smaller companies of course, in fact it's quite the opposite. But we are careful about avoiding working with companies who we feel may not share our values.

That means we've shied away from working with certain types of pharmaceutical or oil companies whose practices we might not agree with. And we once politely declined a contract with an arms manufacturer, believe it or not!

We Support Charities

We're proud to have worked for a number of charities, including children's hospice Chestnut Tree House, and the Royal National Lifeboat Association. We often do this work pro bono, especially if it's for a cause we're passionate about.

And this is something which we're actively keen to do more, so if you feel your particular charity might fit the bill, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

You can read more about our approach to charity films and what makes a great charity film.

We Give Back

Our commitment to worthy causes goes further than that though. We put our money where our mouths are and recently we've started a process whereby we channel a percentage of our profits into a range of charities. Those we've chosen to support lately include Save the Children and UNICEF.

Our commitment to charity goes beyond the financial aspects too - our director James Johnson is also a volunteer crew member for the RNLI. 

We Operate Sustainably

We always try to be as environmentally-conscious as possible of course, operating with a paperless office ethos, sourcing products from local and sustainable suppliers wherever possible, and never buying products which we don't need or use.

We're Responsible Film Makers

The core production team at Picture Book Films come from a documentary background, having worked for major broadcasters like the BBC and Channel Four. That means we're very au fait with working to very strict conduct guidelines. We believe in doing good, solid, meaningful work and our approach reflects that outlook.

We also take great care to ensure that we price jobs transparently, we're always honest, open and upfront in every aspect of our film making practice. Been burnt before and need some reassurance? Read some of our testimonials and feel free to drop them a line to check them out too.

Now you might expect any good film production house to do likewise perhaps, but take it from us, it's by no means a universal approach!

We're in the Right Place!

Of course running a film company based in Brighton has many obvious benefits as we've said before, but one of the nicest ones is that it feels wonderful to operate out of a city which fully embraces ethical business practices and has a wider community of caring, tolerant people to boot.

Hopefully you share these values too? If you like the look of our showreel and would like to explore working on a film project with an ethical film production company such as ourselves, just drop us a line.

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