Films shot in Brighton

Films shot in Brighton


There have been many feature films shot in Brighton and the surrounding Sussex countryside, so we thought we’d put pen to paper and talk about a few of them…

This list ranges from main-stream block-busters, to 1940s war films via lesser known art house productions. We've split the list into two posts and in this first one will look at the films post 2010. 


Mr Holmes (2015)

Our list starts with this British-American crime drama centred around the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Bill Condon and staring our favourite Sir Ian McKellen (some of our production team have worked with him- and what a lovely man he is!), the film heavily features the Sussex Heritage Coast- with scenes shot on the Seven Sister cliffs and Seaford Head.

20,000 Days on Earth (2014)

Brighton is one of the main stars of this critically acclaimed documentary, which charts a single day in the (fictional) life of Nick Cave. Directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, the film charts the ups and downs, joy and sadness of the Brighton based Cave, through his music and writing.

My Accomplice (2014)

 This quirky comedy directed by Charlie Weaver Rolfe features not just Brighton’s streets and landmarks (the West Pier and Brighton Lanes amongst others) but also some of its local bands. A film about falling in love, it also manages to cover important themes such as David Hasselhoff, flapjacks, Bulgarians and learning disabilities.


Now is Good (2012)

The screen-play of this British teen drama was written by the massively talented Ol Parker- who also adapted the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the big screen. Ol also directed this uplifting film which starts Dakota Fanning.

Set in Brighton, only 2 days of a 7 week filming production schedule were actually in the city and the Sussex coast. The rest were mainly in London. The picture above shots a scene shot on Beachy Head on the Sussex coast. 

Brighton Rock (2010)

This was the second time Graham Greene’s classic novel has been made into a film- and in our opinion this attempt doesn’t match up to the 1947 original. This version of the story is set in 1960s Brighton and sees the Mods and Rockers going head to head on the seafront and Brighton Pier.

In reality film production largely took place in Eastbourne with Eastbourne pier standing in for Brighton Pier. Sussex’s Beachy Head also makes a spectacular appearance later on in the film. 

In Part 2 we'll look at some older films set in Brighton and on the Sussex Coast. 

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