The Secret to Making Effective High Tech Films

The Secret to Making Effective High Tech Films

From AI to self-driving cars, and from drones to 3D printing, we don't need to tell you that technology continues to advance at a rapid pace.

No we're not talking today about the many ways that film making technology is evolving, though naturally that is a subject which interests us too. Instead we're talking about how and why pioneering tech companies of all kinds are turning to clued up film production companies like Picture Book Films to make their mark. 

Understandably companies behind cool new technology turn to film making to tell their stories effectively and get their message and state-of-the-art products across. 

If you're ready to invest in a film to demonstrate your tech product, whether it's for an advert, an online explainer for your website or a corporate training film, then it's wise to work with someone with a strong track record. 

They don't need to be experts in your chosen field of course, that's your job, but it helps if they have worked with similar companies translating information which may be quite obtuse or technical in nature. 

High Tech Film and Us

These days making high tech films is one of Picture Book Films' core specialisms.

We have many years' experience working with the IP Group, one of the UK's largest intellectual property investors, which has exposed us to all manner of high tech companies and start-ups. 

IP Group's clients encompass a huge range of cutting edge tech, from companies developing the latest computer vision technology, producing fuel cells which power electric cars, and even ultrasound waves used to create sensations and feedback in mid-air. 

We also work with a number of well-known multinational high tech firms, such as Siemens and Schneider Electric.

Recently we've worked with Brighton-based Futurlab and Badland Games to create a behind the scenes previews of their multi-award winning game Velocity 2X, giving players fantastic insights into just how these games are developed and produced. 

Making Clever Stuff Simple

This doesn't mean dumbing down. It just means being able to demonstrate a product's unique features and benefits in a compelling, accessible way.

The main reason these companies turn to us time and again is that we understand their issues, what they're trying to achieve, and the challenges and limitations which accompany their objectives. 

The business of taking a complex subject and creating an engaging and clear narrative, explaining what the company or product does succinctly for a non-technical audience and why it matters to a range of stakeholders, be they investors, potential customers or even their own staff is by no means an easy one, but it's what we excel at doing.

Our backgrounds as documentary makers working for the likes of the BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery International, means we are experts at doing this. 

Why Tell when you can Show?

Of course a good quality film produced by people of a certain pedigree can show just what your tech is capable far more powerfully than a screed of text or some other, more static marketing item.

Video and animation is the perfect medium to showcase your technology- engaging viewers and making sure they take away your core messages. 

Back to the Storyboard

But don't rely too heavily on the wow factor of your technology. Even the most headspinning wizardry still needs to be rendered in a relatable way, especially for regular people who may not be technically inclined themselves. Storytelling is everything. Think about the story you can tell with your tech, how it makes people think and feel, and what you want them to do as a result of seeing your film. 

Tricks of the Trade 

We use a range of techniques to bring technical subject matter to life in an accessible way. Depending on the product we're showcasing, we might, for example, use CGI to visualise how sound waves would hit a hand, or craft an animation sequence to make a complex subject more interesting. A variety of carefully chosen techniques can also greatly reinforce the impact of your product's innovative tech. 

See it in Action

Here we are talking about our technical chops when of course we should be heeding our own advice and showing you some of our recent work in this area. So without further ado we’d better leave you with a few choice examples from our ever-expanding showreel and let you be the judge. 

An Ultrahaptics Promo: 

Ceres Power (Fuel Cells)

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