Picture Book Films bids farewell to Marco... for now!

Picture Book Films bids farewell to Marco... for now!


After four weeks of internship with Picture Book Films, I made it back home to Austria.


My wish to increase my knowledge of filming and learning about the technical aspects were definitely fulfilled. My favourite being shooting at the iconic Oval Cricket Ground. It also gave me an opportunity to watch the sport for the first time!




Meeting business people on networking events also was new to me, which I really enjoyed experiencing. There are lots of interesting people and businesses in Brighton and I hope this experience will help in my career moving forward.  


I spent most of my time designing a wide range of content, which was very exciting. I was involved with helping design a new website, animate the company logo and creating promotional material for the company and clients alike. Below is a poster I put together to be featured in a local magazine.



Brighton kept me fascinated with each day I spend there - getting lost in this city and finding some new unique places was my highlight of my working journey.


It was a pleasure to work with the kind members of the PBF team and I wish them all the best in the future. We plan to stay in touch and where possible still do work on a freelance basis remotely, which I look forward to greatly.


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