What our production team have been up to recently!

What our production team have been up to recently!

Every now and again we like to have a quick look back to see what our video production team have been up to… It’s been a hectic few months, and we are on course for our busiest year to date, as we continue our year on year growth as a company.

As ever our focus remains on quality over quantity, and that has been one of the key deciding factors in the rate at which we grow. Keeping our clients happy and delivering the highest quality of video, animation and CGI is still our priority. This is reflected in the high levels of returning customers- currently well over 80%.

First a quick look at some of our recent collaborations…

The University of Brighton was one of our new clients in 2017- we worked with them over the summer to create video content about their development plans for the Lewes Road and Preston Barracks site. They were delighted with the final videos and used them across social media as well as with key decision makers to help support their application. Their application was ultimately successful and the university were granted permission to develop the site in late 2017.

Watch the 90 second video here.

Having seen the video content we produced for the university, another partner involved in the development then approached us to create content for them too- and we are currently working on some more videos about the site.

2017 also saw us working with Siemens, who approached us to create a safety video for use with their Rail Automation team. We took a very unorthodox approach and decided to use puppets and CGI in order to grab people’s attention- unlike your average health and safety video. The client loved the final animated video and Siemens approached us to create some more content for them later in 2017.

Watch an extract of the video here

Returning clients include the multinational recruitment site Glassdoor, one of the biggest law firms in the world (who we can’t name due to our NDA with them!), the Brighton Marathon team, Brighton based mutual OneFamily, and high tech firm Ceres Power.

As we approach the end of the year we have also some really exciting projects in the pipeline which will see us using more animation and CGI – an area we love to work in and which seems to be booming at the moment (a quick look at the Christmas adverts shows you how much CGI has become the mainstream) 

We will be sure to update you again in early 2018 about our projects, and please get in touch if you’d like to know any more about our video production work!

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