What have our production team been up to?

What have our production team been up to?

So it’s the start of summer? I’m sat here writing this looking out the office window at a flooded car park and watching a fire engine pump the drains…  …for the second time this month. Welcome to July in Blighty!

But despite the rain our video production team have kept themselves busy, working with some new Brighton based clients and also a few of our longer term London customers, who’ve come back for some more video production gold. Currently we’re working on a couple of corporate videos as well as a series of online films for a Sussex based high tech firm.

As you may have seen, we recently won two international DV Awards which we were very happy about, and we’ve also been entered for two more Videographer Awards which will find out about in August. Fingers crossed! The awards were for an online video we filmed for Ceres Power, and also for a TV commercial we produced last year. Great to be recognised locally and internationally as a video producer!

The Picture Book Films website is also undergoing a major upgrade at the moment which is due to go live this month. We tried to revamp it at least every year and we’ve restyled the landing page and also service pages to make them easier to read and more mobile friendly.

In terms of camera kit, we’re still keeping an eagle eye out for any news of the new Canon 5D mkIV. We’re hearing lots of rumours about the camera, with some reports suggesting it is already out being tested in the field. It’s increasingly looking like it will be able to record 4K video footage at 60fps and 1080p video at 120fps. There is also talk of it being the first DSLR in the Canon line up to include the Digic 7 processor. The Digic 7 has already been used in the Canon G7 X Mk II where the extra processing power has been used to improve auto focus and reduce noise at higher ISO settings.

We also recently road tested the Canon XC10 as a B Camera on a shoot in Brighton town centre. You can read more about it here. An interesting little camera with some neat functions and able to shoot 4K, but ultimately hobbled by the fixed lens and ergonomics, or lack thereof. 120fps at 720p, built in ND filters and a few other interesting features aren’t enough to save it…

Our production team are also keeping a watch on the development of the new Panasonic GH5. We love using the GH4 on video shoots which require a compact camera, using it on glidecams for moving shots and fixing it to drones for aerial shots- a really versatile camera that can shoot 4K. We’ve used it for everything from corporate video and online films to full blown TV commercials!

Rumours were that it’s successor- the GH5- would be able to shoot in a whooping 8K. This would be a real game changer.

However, more recently we have heard that this will be only 6K and then more recently that the GH5 is only coming with a 16MP sensor. This would scupper anything over 4K as to shoot 6k / 8k would need a 24MP sensor. Our expert video producer reckons this would be a huge missed opportunity for Panasonic and we wait to see what happens with baited breath…

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