Video Production Case Study -  Ceres Power

Video Production Case Study - Ceres Power

We get to work with some great people and interesting clients in Brighton, London and throughout the UK (we even get the odd trip abroad- very nice!).

We wanted to give all you lovely people a taste of what it's like to work with us and how the video production process pans out. So we thought we'd write about one of our clients and the video we produced for them. So here goes...

A little while ago we were approached by a high tech company based just outside Brighton called Ceres Power. Ceres Power make next generation fuel cells which convert gas into electricity. The cells are extremely complex and also ground breaking in the way they're manufactured and the way they operate.

Ceres were looking to produce a video which could showcase their product and their unique manufacturing process to potential investors internationally and also be ready for the re-launch of their website. They had approached a few different video production companies in Brighton but hadn't found the right fit. We talked to their marketing team and hit it off straight away. Our team's background making documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4 meant we could get to grips with the complexities of their product and understand the story they were trying to tell. Working closely with them we were able to weave the various key messages into a narrative that was easy to understand and would hold the viewers attention.

We were working to a tight budget and also had to turn the film round in under a month ready for the website re-launch.

The first stage of the filming process for any project is pre-production. This means the scripting, storyboarding, setting up locations and everything needed for the shoots. Typically we spend 3 days doing this. Before we film anything we like to have a complete script of the final video or advert, who is saying what and what shots will go where, so that everyone is on the same page and the client is happy.

Within a couple of weeks we had everything in place and headed down to their facilities for a two day shoot. This involved filming interviews with the team and CEO, as well as getting shots of the production process and the fuel cells at various stages. Having done oodles of interviews for documentaries the team were able to get the most out of the interviewees- putting them at ease and helping them to relax on camera.

We always shoot using broadcast quality High Definition equipment and our cameraman was able to get some really beautiful and striking shots of the high tech equipment.

Then starts the post-production process- this is when everything comes together. It's a bit like slotting together a giant jigsaw of shots, interviews, music and graphics.

The first job after a shoot, and one which is undeniably booooooring, is to make logs of all the hours of footage- every single shot is watched and noted, every word written down.The team then start to paper script the film- writing out their ideal story and the shots they want to use. Only then do they enter the edit and start to slot it all together. Doing it this way means that we know out way around the footage- nothing good is missed by mistake and we are sure we're telling the right story in the clearest way.

Two weeks later we delivered the first cut of the film to Ceres and their initial response was "wow- let's put this up for an award!"

We worked with them to hone the story and tweaks bits and pieces. They were particularly happy with the way we'd taken such a complex topic and made it easy to understand.

The film was ready for the re-launch of their website and we were able to also provide stills photos for the site.

All in all a great project to work on and thoroughly enjoyable.

But enough from us. Here's what the Ceres Power CEO, Phil Caldwell, thought of working with us...

"We are thrilled with the wonderful film that Picture Book Films have produced about Ceres Power.

Everyone who has seen it has commented on how well crafted and engaging it is, which is a great testament to James and Claire's skill and experience.

Despite a tight deadline, they took the time to understand our business and produced an inspiring film that tells a high tech business story in a compelling way. They were a pleasure to work with, going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the final edit was just right."

If we can help you with a film or online video for your business then get in touch - even if you have no idea where to start or even if video is right for your business. We're always happy to meet up for a coffee and talk things through!


Phil Evans
Added 09th November 2014

Cool video! How much would a video like that cost?


James Johnson
Responded on 13th November 2014

Hi Phil,
It depends on a few different factors but if you send me your e-mail I can give you more info.

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