What politics can teach us about great video production

What politics can teach us about great video production

Politics and marketing go hand in hand. A good campaign is a fundamental part of the political process to ultimately win power and influence. With a five-year term in office at stake, content is brought to the fore, from the inspirational and aspirational, to the fluff that is forgotten about the month after. This heavy influx of multimedia content provides the perfect window for other industries, particularly those who are involved in creating content, to learn tricks to form their own successful campaigns. Here are a few political tricks to jot down for your next video production.

Create eye-catching branding

Political parties have called upon advertising agencies to create eye-catching posters for decades. Some of the best have been simple, graphic and provocative. Each image reflects the brand and its current message, and some have managed to drum up weeks of free publicity through pure controversy, for example this 1978 Conservative poster by Saatchi and Saatchi actually depicted a queue of posed Hendon Young Conservatives to discredit the Labour Party. The lesson here is never neglect branding when marketing your video content; simple is sometimes the best way to pack a punch.


Listen to others to generate ideas

The same Tory poster (pictured above) can be used as a nice link to the next point: listening to outside input to generate ideas that you may not have considered. Before Maggie Thatcher, Saachi and Saachi were two unknown brothers. However, after the poster was eventually printed, it propelled the advertisers to stardom and forged a new relationship with the Conservatives, helping them to win the next four elections. At first, Thatcher was reported as saying: “You know perfectly well that you should never have the other side’s name in your own poster!” But, she went against her first instinct, took a chance, and it paid off.

Address the issues

A video should address the issues of your audience, by either answering them or opening them up for further discussion. Although it may seem that MPs spend the majority of their time braying in the Commons or in the pocket of corporations, their primary function is the listen to their constituents and address their issues. If you’re setting up a video production, particularly a corporate training video or a product advertisement, take note of what questions your audience might ask during its course and try to either provide a response or invite others to contact you for more information.

Consistent messages

Some of the best political campaigns and marketing campaigns all share cleverly consistent messages that are hard to ignore. Some of the best video advertisement campaigns for the likes of Dove, Red Bull and Virgin all include consistent messages and branding, with dominant company colours. Whether you are working on your own project or you’re putting together a campaign for a client, remember to reiterate your key messages every day to stay on track.

Big ideas gain traction

Even if you know little to nothing about the world of politics, you will still hear about the big announcements and the big ideas. Big, bold statements gain the most traction amongst the public, and this is what you should focus on when producing a creative video; the rise of Jeremy Corbyn is a prominent example of how big ideas gain attention. How does your product stand out in the market? What successes would you like to shout about? Can you solve one of life’s frustrating questions? Pull out the drawing board and get scribbling to develop the next big idea that audiences to enjoy and learn from.

Emphasis on the opening scene

Just like any party leader speech or promotional video, open with a bang to engage with an audience who will judge your creation from the outset. The first few seconds can either set the scene or leave a production flat without the right consideration. Whether you are creating a TV advert or an online video, you’re competing in a crowded space with lots of distractions and competing messages. You need to cut through the noise and grab the audience by the short and curlies.


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Steph B
Added 23rd March 2015

I hadn't heard that about the "Labour Isn't Working" poster before- interesting that they totally faked the line of people!

Tom Peters
Added 22nd March 2015

Really enjoyed this post. Good to have found you guys.

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